This portfolio is brought to you in digital format, though the real black and white photography prints are quite different. All of my black and white photography is made by hand, from the start of the process to the end. The process starts with the capture of the image on the negative, to do this I use a variety of cameras.

The film rolls are processed by hand in a Jobo CPA processor. The photographs which I think will come out well are then enlarged using an old Meopta Magnifax 3 black and white enlarger. As each black and white photography print is made manually with a degree of dodging and burning, no two photographs ever come out exactly the same, which gives individuality for each photograph. I like to print on fibre based black and white photography papers which are the traditional papers but the handling, washing and processing is very time consuming, so only the best photographs ever get printed in this method. Every fine art or black and white photography purist has his or her own favourite papers and chemicals for producing what they regard as the best black and white fine art photograph possible. My own personal choice is Adox Adotol and Adox Art Series Fine Print Nuance. My choice of film is Ilford Pan F or Adox CHS 50 - fine grain slow films.

Most of the images on this site can be purchased in a variety of sizes, either matted, or matted and framed.

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